Watch: Poignant Trailer for Robin Williams’ Last Onscreen Appearance

The first trailer for Robin Williams’ last ever onscreen appearance is here, and if you don’t have a cute crying face, you may want to watch it in private. (Scroll down to see the trailer for his last ever voice acting role).

The late comedy legend plays the lead role of Nolan Mack in the upcoming drama Boulevard, which centres around a closeted gay man who befriends a rentboy.

Trapped in a marriage of convenience to hide his sexuality, from both the world and himself, it’s clear that Nolan is an unhappy man: he has worked the same mundane job for over 25 years, sleeps in a separate room to his wife, and just generally seems to have let the last 60 years slip through his fingers unfulfilled.

Given that the beloved star passed away 10 months ago after a lifelong struggle with depression, a lot of the dialogue featured in the trailer will certainly strike a chord with many viewers. But despite being one of the most renowned comedy actors of our time, anyone who has seen Williams’ performance in the 2002 thriller One Hour Photo can attest to the emotional and psychological complexity he could bring to a character, and the film looks like a worthy final performance for the actor.

Boulevard made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and has since been shown at several other prominent film festivals, all in the United States. It is set for general release in the US on the 10th of July, but is not yet scheduled for international release. It has yet to be widely reviewed, but in general, reviews of the film so far are on the positive side.

Robin Williams’ Last Voice Acting Role

While Boulevard is Williams’ last live-action role, we can still look forward to enjoying him in a much more traditional role soon, as he will be voicing Simon Pegg’s pet dog Dennis in the upcoming Absolutely Anything. In this film, Pegg plays a man given the ability to do anything by aliens who want to see if he will use the powers for good or for evil.

Dennis is listed at the second biggest role in the film, so it’s safe to say that we can all look forward to the King of Comedy’s zaney antics that made characters such as the Genie and Mrs. Doubtfire so loveable. Absolutely Anything is out in Ireland on the 8th of July. Watch the trailer below.