Sick of the your typical Chinese takeaway serving up the same greasy food? You should try Hang Dai. This traditional Chinese restaurant is located on the very lively Camden street. 

First Impressions

It may not look much from outside, but it is definitely Camden’s hidden gem. The interior is made to look like the inside of a train, which gives it a very unique vibe. There is a bar that serves Chinese alcohol and cocktails. This would be the perfect spot to head to before hitting up one the clubs in near by Harcourt Street.

I would advise to book a table here if you are going at the weekend, as it gets very busy.

The Food

You get a nice helping of prawn crackers as you receive your menu. Me and the other person I was with were advised to get two starters between us and share the main course as it was a share size.

If you wanted the duck, you would have to book it before you come to the restaurant. If you are on a student’s budget like me, you probably won’t get this as it is a whooping €40.

For starters, we got dumplings and asparagus spring rolls. The dumplings were delicious but very hard to eat with chopsticks as they were very slippery! The spring rolls were fantastic, very different to your average shredded veggie spring rolls.

For mains, we got BBQ lamb chops with hummus. It was life – changing (no lie). The lamb was on the bone and was very tender. I don’t know who thought of putting it with hummus, but it was a match made in food heaven.

The Verdict

The staff were fantastic. They were all very friendly and eve the chef said good bye to us on our way out. I would highly advise you to come here at least once in your life.

The food is a little pricey, but not outrageous. You definitely get what you pay for. I think it would be a great place to eat for a special occasion like a birthday.

The food was spectacular and unique compared to any other Asian restaurant. It’s definitely a far cry from the 3 in 1s and spicebags.

By Aoife Crilly