Are you looking for something to watch to keep you busy during the week between episodes of Game of Thrones?. Look no further than Bodyguard. Btw speaking of Game of Thrones Richard Madden aka Rob Stark stars in this BBC drama now on Netflix.

Bodyguard focuses on the life of army veteran now police officer David Budd who (hence the name), becomes bodyguard to the U.K foreign secretary Julia Montague, played by Keeley Hawes. We see the mistrustful Budd become close to the powerful Montague as their relationship becomes more intimate.

Budd suffers from PTSD after serving in Afghanistan and this affects him throughout the show: his relationship between his wife and children as well as with Montague. As the show develops it becomes obvious that all is not well with Budd or indeed the police force, or the security service……..or the government…..yeah everyone’s a bit mad in this show. As the level of corruption within the police force becomes evident Budd finds himself embroiled in scandals and his past slowly comes back to haunt him.

It is a tense and entertaining series with some fine acting from Mr.Madden and co. It probably won’t take you much more than a week to watch this. There are also some cool twists and turns to keep you on your toes, plenty of action and even a bit of romance. So there’s plenty to keep you going over the long weekend till Monday night (or the early hours of Monday for all you mad bastards out there)