Penneys is is my go-to place for everything. In recent years, they have really upped their game. Their beauty products provide cheap dupes to high-end brands. However, are these actually any good? I made it my mission to find out if it actually worth nabbing these cheap beauty products. 

1. Pure Highlighter

PS Pure Liquid Highlighter, €5 each


Get the sunglasses ready, this opalescent formula is very blinding. I was very impressed with the glow to say the least. However, it is very hard to blend onto the skin. I spent a good five minute trying to blend it. I would recommend this for nights out, definitely not as part of your everyday look.

2. Contour Sticks

Nude Contour Sticks, €3.50 each


Contouring is a rite of passage in terms of beauty. It turns you from a living potato head to a sculpted goddess. I was very impressed with how well it went on. These sticks blended very well with a beauty blender. It is definitely worth buying if you can’t justify paying a fortune on high-end sticks.

3. Eye Make-Up Remover

PS Easy On The Eyes, €2 each

It’s exactly what it says on the bottle – easy on the eyes. This removes eye make-up effortlessly. It’s small bottle makes it great for travelling.

4. Beauty Blender

2 Pack Beauty Blenders, €1.30

A real Beauty Blender will sent you back €20 per sponge, so it’s fantastic that you can nab these two beauties at a tiny fraction of the price. The sponges don’t adsorb products as well as the real deal, but it still does the job. I would definitely recommend if your like me and go through sponges like there is no tomorrow.

5. Self-Tan

Bronze Tan, €2.50

I’m saving the best for last here. This tan is my go-to. This mousse goes on very evenly. You wait a couple of hours then wash it off in the shower and boom a natural looking glow. For a regular bottle, it’s just €5! Penneys have recently released handy little bottles, which is great for those weekend trips.

By Aoife Crilly