Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga pair in an unlikely duo to give us A Star Is Born.

This is a very different career direction for both of these stars. How could we forget Poker Face and The Hangover?

What’s It About?

Ally (Gaga), a young woman who sings every other in a local bar has given up on her dream of becoming a singer. Jackson (Cooper), a very successful musician stumbles into the bar.

Jackson is riddled with inner demons, he’s a drug and alcohol addict. He helps Ally become star after he is shook by her performance in the bar. They both fall in love, Ally’s star rises as Jackson’s fall making it a tragic love story that is intense and tear-jerking to say the least.

Cooper and Gaga Make it Their Own

Their on-screen chemistry is electrifying to say the least. They both help create this tragic love story that will make you laugh and cry.

Cooper has really stepped up to the plate in this movie. He has helped write the screenplay, sing, play the guitar, co-star and direct it. This movie is evidence of his hard work and dedication. Gaga has demonstrated that she can do more than sing and dance. She channels Ally as a vulnerable person, something we have never seen Gaga portray.

Real-life Struggles

The movie accurately exposes the complexity of alcoholism and drug addiction as a disease. Jackson is aware that he has let Ally down on numerous occasions. She a supportive of him, despite him battling this. His guilt and inner turmoil over his addiction problems is what finally breaks him. Cooper is able to depict Jackson’s rapid fall from grace before our vary eyes, something that must be applauded.

Is it Actually Worth Seeing?

If you love musicals, definitely. The soundtrack is fantastic, you’ll have it playing on repeat. The plot is well-written, however it is a but slow in some parts of the film. Cooper’s vision is excelled in this beautiful story of love, fame and loss. Get the tissues ready!


By Aoife Crilly