As the country has started to return to work, restaurants and pubs have decided to run online refreshers for the senior staff members who think they run the business, on how to ineffectively boss part-time workers around and resume creating drama in the workplace.

This paid and voluntary course will focus on how to act in everyday scenarios that one may encounter in the service or retail industries, including asking a younger worker to fix the till and then blaming them for doing something to it in the first place, and how to correctly annunciate “well why don’t you just leave?” when a co-worker casually mentions job dissatisfaction.

Despite the positive trend of more businesses re-opening to the public, many were unhappy at the idea of having to take this suggested course. Margaret, a chef-de-partie from Achill, commented, “I just think it’s incredibly disrespectful of management to suggest that I don’t know how to do my job. I’ve been in the same position with this company for almost 20 years, I have the papers and everything.”

“Ever since the kitchen closed, I’ve been trying to maintain the routine and keeping the standards of work as best I can by treating my own home as business and my children as the staff. I even got my daughter Kate to do up the rotas for her and her siblings. Needless to say, they’re thrilled to see mommy go back to work,” she said with a false and undeserved sense of pride that was apparent to everyone in the room.

“It’s more than a job to me, it’s really a vocation and I feel it’s my duty to impart that to the young ones at work. They’re in a for a rude awakening when they get back into my kitchen, having all this time off to relax. I just think it’s so disrespectful to this fine establishment to constantly go on  about not being paid enough to pay your rent, you don’t hear my kids complaining about it.”

There are currently no plans to introduce a “how to deal with that person” course for part-time workers, as all business owners  have expressed there is simply no money in the budget.