The man who can be heard calling President Michael D Higgins a “midget parasite” in video footage shot outside a Dublin school last week is one of the main organisers of this Saturday’s planned mass rally against water charges in Dublin City Centre.

‘Heffo Madness’ of the ‘Dublin Says No’ group admitted making the comments on his personal Facebook page yesterday, writing:

“I’m now aware that the word ‘midget’ is no longer acceptable to use in a public forum. That is why I will refer to the thieving scumbag runt as a ‘dwarf parasite’ in order not to cause offence.”

“However, I do not feel it is necessary to apologise for the words used on that day of protesting. I never apologise, ever. I’m sorry, that is just how I was raised. If you had the president coming into your home during the middle of the night and helping himself to a glass of water from your home, then you would see where I am coming from.”

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said that the protesters had behaved deplorably. Paul Murphy of the Anti-Austerity Alliance said that while he believed people had a right to protest against the President, any personal abuse directed against Higgins should be explicitly and strongly condemned.

Paul Murphy, who was basking in the free publicity, later said that the petty name calling reminded him off his days at Blackrock. The TD said he used to be picked on because he was once of those kids who used one of those airport bags with the wheels on them to carry his books around easier. Murphy said it was a difficult time, but it gave him the courage to become a public servant and finally find a community that accepts him for who he has become.