By Caitríona Ni Chonaill

Stuck for something to listen to while driving, or even just on a walk, I’ve got you covered. These are some of my favourite podcasts in order to learn and entertain!

Two Broke Chicks

Best friends Sal and Al share their advice on all things on everything you could think of, from relationships, finances, career and lifestyle, along with common dilemmas in your twenties. They answer listener questions and read out stories from listeners, all while having a laugh along the way. It feels like you’re having a chat with your best friends and are the best way to cheer up your day and learn something new!

Wait, Is This Adulthood

If you’re struggling with everything that comes with coming into a new decade in your twenties, this podcast is here to help. Covering career paths, relationships, and life in between, this podcast will be the balm you need to soothe an overworked brain from worrying about the future. The hosts Alissa and Thomas share their own overthinking tendencies and help the listener to feel less alone on the topic of the episode.

The Psychology Of Your Twenties

Ever wondered why your brain works the way it does? If you want to learn more about the inner workings of your brain and how to navigate the world as a result, whether in the context of being single, identity, self-image or habits, this is the podcast for you! The presenter Jemma’s soothing tones make big topics sound less intimidating, and I always finish an episode feeling more learned than I did when I started.

Everybody Has A Secret

If you’re looking for a girly natter with a group of friends, with some juicy gossip thrown in, you will love this. Definitely one to listen to on headphones, if you are around others and don’t want them to hear, this podcast is based on the Am I The Asshole? Queries on Reddit that have been so popular online, except these girls give their live reactions and solutions to the dilemma. Funny and sometimes shocking and emotional, you will reconsider how you view others and their situations after listening to these.

The 2 Johnnies Podcast

The 2 Johnnies Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

A staple in Irish culture for a reason, this pair has been a favourite of mine for many years. They seamlessly blend humour with more serious topics and there is something for everyone in their podcast. They have covered an immensely wide range of topics, from farming, sports, the Irish dating scene, and AI, as well as interviewing many a person of interest. They are also well known for their well-discussed topics of the GAA Catfish scandal and the more recent and extremely popular “Findom” episode (have a listen – you’ll learn a lot!), there are also regular sections on the podcast – correspondence from listeners, a mystery topic from their producer Maura and a “news” section from the character Noel Furlong, a grumpy aul fella you’d find in every rural town. Surprisingly relatable, they cover more sensitive themes with empathy and compassion and also bring topics such as catfishing to the ears of listeners who may not have heard about it otherwise.