Pixar have been known to create some truly beautiful award-winning short films from ‘Pip’ to ‘Paperman’, ‘Bao’ and their most recent one ‘Purl’ which looks at discrimination in the workplace.

They recently released their latest short film ‘Kitbull’ which centres around a pitbull who is abused by his owner who forms an unlikely friendship with a small kitten, and honestly, it will warm your heart.

Throughout the short we see the dog being abused its horrible owners as it is kept outside the house chained to a barbed wire fence and as the film progresses we discover that the owner is training the dog to fight.

We see the poor dog being thrown into the garden covered in scrapes and it is very hard to watch, but as the dog recovers from the abuse he befriends the little cat and the pair escape to a better life.

It is so great to see Pixar creating short films like this that highlight issues like animal abuse and discrimination as they need to be talked about.

It is a very heartwarming clip but make sure you have the tissues at the ready because I can guarantee you, you will cry, check out the clip below.