Parents are absolutely raging over the display window in House of Fraser Dundrum Shopping Centre and we honestly can’t deal.

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day the store has opened up a pop-up shop for luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. The store is promoting the brand by marketing the underwear in their display window and parents are not happy.

Several parents have said the campaign displays “soft porn”, is immoral and is over the borderline, ah calm the f*ck down lads.

Kenneth Durr on Twitter

@DavQuinn I have been to House of Fraser in Dundrum and told them I do not wish my children, as happened on Sunday evening, to be abused by immoral soft core porn in the Dundrum Centre. They said they have had a lot of complaints but are not budging.

Contacting House of Fraser, Kenneth told The Irish Independent that the store had received many complaints about the image, however, they would not be removing it from the shop front.

House Of Fraser have yet to comment on the complaint, lighten up lads it’s only a bit of underwear!