We are delighted to have the Nivea Shaving Stick in the goodie bag to keep those beard lines looking fresh!

We’ve all been there. You swore you weren’t going out tonight, but by 6 o’ clock you’re checking your Instagram every 3 minutes in the library. You know full well you’re not getting a tap done. The lads, meanwhile, are already having pres only 10 minutes away. There’s only one problem: you haven’t shaved and you’re looking a bit scraggly, even for your standards.

With Nivea there’s no problem. Pop their shaving stick in your gym bag for a quick and easy way to get rid of that 11 o’clock shadow. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about any razor burn making you look blotchy. Your skin will be selfie-ready thanks to the pro-Vitamin B formula keeping you smooth and sleek.

As well as keeping that neckline in check, you can use your shaving stick to tame unruly chest hair. After all, we’re not in the ’70s anymore. The days of the button-down shirt, gold medallion and densely hairy chest are not something we want to recreate!


So if you want to keep yourself in tip top condition with minimum hassle, make sure to nab our goodie bag!

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