Nine Things Ireland Could Get For €20 Million Instead Of The Pope

In case you missed it, Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland next year will cost €20 million and we think that’s a bit steep.

This is nothing against Fran here, we think he’s a great lad but there’s that feeling about that we’re missing the big picture.

It’s kind of like when you spend lots of money on a Summer holiday only for it to be gone in a matter of days, only with this we don’t get the holiday part. The Pope does.

With this in mind, we’ve had a brainstorm and think that this money could be better spent in other ways. Let us go through them.

105 Freddo Bars For Everybody

It would have been a lot more a few years ago, but we won’t complain. 

8 Pints Of Guinness For Everybody

One great, country-wide sesh free of charge for everybody? Sign us up!

Daniel Sturridge

Maybe then we’d actually get to the World Cup…

An Island In The Bahamas

Lera Cay, to be exact. It’ll be just like the Lotto ad, just make sure someone turns off the immersion when we’re leaving.

3,300kg of Cocaine 

Over half a gram for everyone in the country. We’re not condoning this of course, but it is possible…

Buy A Nuke

Nuclear warheads are estimated to cost anything between $18 and $53 million. A bit extreme, but if everyone else has them why can we not?

€20 Million On Black

Why have €20 million when we can €40 million? Sure, it’s pretty much what those Celtic Tiger bankers were doing?

25 Million Stars

You can buy your own star for less than twenty dollars?! Let’s buy a load. Forget about world domination, we can go intergalactic domination!

A Load Of Teabags

Like, a ridiculous amount. We’ll never run out again.



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