With the new year thoroughly ushered in, it seems fitting to look back on questionable fashion trends that received unwarranted hype last year.

1 – Perspex Heeled Boots

First up are these unfortunate clear shoes which were all the rage this summer. The fashion industry desperately tried to convince us that because they are colourless, they’d go well with any outfit. However, not everyone’s sweaty feet should be put on display for the world to see.

Kim K set off the trend for see-through boots, and here’s hoping she can stop it because we’ve had enough.

2 – Fake Freckles

Early this year freckles became the most sought after natural feature. YouTube beauty gurus created multiple tutorials on how to fake it. It just seems a bit strange that after covering your face with foundation to create a poreless look, you choose to then cover them with little dots.

When will people stop appropriating good, freckly, Irish culture?

3 – Boot-Pants

The people that could and should wear these boots are few and far between, but attempts were made. If you’re not Rihanna, it’s very unlikely that you would look good in them. You’re guaranteed to get the oddest glances wearing these on a night out in Coppers. Sadly, there have been many knock off brands recreating these boots and if you’re going to attempt this look, remember Rihanna’s advice: “When you’re trying to get back home to your bed, don’t wear them boots! You will get kidnapped in those boots, those boots are trouble.”

“Are you wearing th-” “The Chanel boots? Yeah.”

4 – Exaggerated Lips

Lips were all the rage in 2015 and last year built on it. Between the attention Kylie’s lips received and the amount of products marketed to help women plump their lips, it’s no wonder everyone became obsessed with having bigger lips. Lip fillers were in high demand and the sale of lip products skyrocketed. Sadly as these trends go, there are always a few who take it too far.

Amanda Lepore, the original queen of over-exaggerated lips. Lepore and drag queens are the only people lips like these are acceptable on.

5 – Deadly Chokers

The little stringy chokers that everyone has been wearing have been ridiculed by the internet because they resemble shoe laces. To be honest, shoe laces have also been used as they might as well be the same. While stringy and fabric chokers are cute, it seems some people have taken the dainty cute chokers to new heights. They have been wearing chokers that makes them look like they’ve just survived a near-fatal neck injury.

It’s called fashion, girl, look it up.

6 – Body Contouring

Last year we saw that contouring was a skill that most women were trying to perfect. This year people have realised that contouring didn’t just have to stop with your face. Boobs, abs, legs are now being sculpted in order to enhance their appearance. It’s a bit ridiculous that this much work is being put into having a perfect illusion.


Don’t even think about taking this look to the beach, unless you want to melt into the ocean.

Hopefully, these trends will filter out in the coming year. It can only be expected that even more ridiculous trends will replace them and we’ll undoubtedly be ready to give out about them this time next year.

Zainab Boladale