A new mobile phone operator is launching in the Irish market today: iD Mobile.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), iD mobile will operate using Three Ireland’s network, although it promises that it has also brought in its own infrastructure to help give customers better service as well as more choice.

People will be able to tailor their own plans for texts, calls, and data (with 4G as the default network connection), and avoid paying for parts of bundles that they don’t need.

iD Mobile says that their average monthly plan ends up being around €20, and could save people up to €166 a year.

The new mobile phone network was formed after the EU ruled that the Three/O2 merger could only go ahead if 2 MVNOs were allowed to use Three’s infrastructure.  UPC is expected to launch the other MNVO later this year/

iD Mobile aims to capture 6% of the market within the next five years, and many hope that the entrance of 2 new mobile phone networks will help fuel competition and drive down prices.



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