MOVEMBER!! – Alternative ways to join in!

As we’re in the month of moustaches, it’s only right that we try to find ‘taches for all the family. Here’s five alternatives that may get you in the running for the champ of ‘taches.

This one is going to be easy for the boys sporting the latest paintbrush-head hairstyle. All you’ve gotta do is shave off that iced-gem on the top of your head, leaving some strands at the front. Not only will you be sporting a unique look for Movember, you’ll also be doing the rest of us a favour by getting rid of that mop on your head.

Moustache Movember 1

THIS GUY!….Now only the fortunate ones with an extra layer on their chest will be able to do this. Usually, hairy chests aren’t the most attractive thing, but with this amazing design, you’ll have loads of ladies waiting for a gust of wind, just so they can see this piece of art.


Now I’m not telling you to go out and get a tattoo, but you can pull off this look quick and easy, and it won’t cost you any hair or embarrassment..grab yourself a Sharpie and a mirror and well…Bob’s your uncle, and Fanny’s your aunt!

Moustache Movember 3

This gem is for you boy-racers or, of course, you girls that already has eyelashes and the works on your car. Common trait between the two of like to get noticed. Well, with this lovely ‘tache, I’m sure everybody will be staring at you and your car.

Moustache Movember 4

Finally, for the boys and girls that can’t grow any hair, we’re not going to leave you without a ‘tache! These glasses are not only a fashion statement, they also promote Movember, Yay!

Moustache Movember 5

Debbie Ridgard