America’s most well known hate group, the KKK, have had to adjust to declining membership in recent years due to the declining economy. High running costs with petrol and permits for cross burning has left the group’s ledger accounts go into the red.

The KKK are turning a crisis into an opportunity though with a innovative idea to bring in extra revenue this Halloween. An epiphany struck the hate brigade’s marketing department during the weekend, when they realised that their trademarked costumes can have other uses than looking pretty while striking a match at a wooden cross.

The unnamed spokesperson told that,

“Halloween is not something that we normally indulge ourselves in. The Pagan celebration is an insult to the name of God, but we could not let this opportunity slip by us as it is time sensitive.”

“Our warehouse is stocked with uniforms fitting everyone from kids to adults. After some market research, we became aware that the most popular costume among every demographic is the classic ghoul. Not the Paranormal Activity type of one but the the one that you would see in a vapid Disney film.”

“Ghosts are white, and we have a saying that goes ‘white is right’. Once we concluded that there would not be a conflict of interest between our beliefs and our desire to stay financially solvent, we realised that it was time to do business.”

Costumes can be bought from the KKK website.