We’ve seen some bizarre trends in Cork over recent years. The outbreak of the hipster pandemic has inhibited the growth of original thought, making everyone flock like vintage wooly sheep to the next lesser known phenomenon.

In light of the alternative bullshit that’s stained our once burgeoning society, we can’t tell you how good it feels to have something genuinely fresh about to take over the scene. It’s new, it’s dangerous, and if you think it’s easy, you’re an idiot.

Extreme Water Bottling is the latest craze to hit Cork apathy-ridden streets.

What’s that, a craft beer? Toss that shit out of that wankers hand and give him a bottle of water. Then see what he’s made of.

Oh, is that a broccoli smoothie? Now it’s all over your old-looking but expensive jumper, dickhead. You’ve just been extreme water bottled.

Extreme Water Bottling is set to leave every other past time that ever existed by the wayside.

It may not be safe – but any harm is worth it.

See how it’s done below.



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