McGregor Beats Aldo By Punching Through Space-Time

conor mcgregor jose aldoThe McGregor/Aldo saga has been one heck of a ride, with more twists and turns than a bowl of pasta (the twisty kind). McGregor has received widespread media attention as a result of being so vocal about the upcoming fight, while Aldo has also received a fair bit of attention for being a little pussy bitch.

With just a day to go before the fight, aspirations that it would actually take place this time were pretty high. McGregor has shown no signs of backing down, and Aldo was not expected to withdraw this time for fear that his fans may start to view him as the steaming pile of dick-cheese that he is. With just hours to go, it genuinely looked like the fight would happen. But that’s not how McGregor plays.

McGregor, who is known for his speed, decided to beat Aldo to the punch (literally) and throw a major curveball. See, even though nobody would dream of pulling out of a fight like this with less than a day to go, McGregor didn’t even give Aldo the chance, and literally (not figuratively) punched through the space-time continuum and delivered a knockout blow.

Apparently the fight will be one of spectacular proportions, but will pretty much be a vicious stalemate due to both men being fairly equally matched in terms of strength & sex appeal. But McGregor’s Marty McFlyin’ Fists of Fury show up out of nowhere and knock Aldo clean out.

Due to the laws of the physics, as well as the rules of the MMA, Aldo will still have to show up for the fight, although he will not be told when the paranormal punch will occur, lest he destroy everything in existence by creating a paradox.

Unfortunately, McGregors speed capabilities are far superior to his accuracy, and it is believed that he accidentally punched renowned author Emily Brontë.