LUAS strikes left many commuters inconvenienced this week as they were forced to arrange other transport to work.

The pay dispute has yet to be resolved, and many users of the service have expressed their disdain for the drivers.

None are more outraged, however, than the country’s young people, who use the LUAS lines for doing sweet f*ck all with their day.

Hundreds of Dublin youths took to social media to complain about the industrial action.

“It’s like so ridiculous that I have to get a BUS to DD [Dundrum Town Centre] after collage [sic] today. What is this, the 90s?” one upset Twitter user wrote.

Another angered youth opened up about the strike through a Facebook post.

“So tik dat d Luas drivers r strikin 4 more pay when dey didn’t even go2 collage or anythin. How hard is it 2drive a fkn yoke like? #LUASGate2016” wrote Jacko Byrne, a ‘Full Time Mad Bastard’ from Tallaght.

The Spanner reached out to Jacko for further details, but unfortunately he was unable to comment due to a busy work schedule.

We just hope the dispute is rectified before any more difficulty is caused for this group of people.

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