With 5 bombshells already having entered the villa, the first tears having been shed and the first fights being had, Caitríona Ní Chonaill has a look back at the two weeks of drama we’ve had so far!

Day One drama:

Upon being coupled up together, it transpired that Ella and Tyrique had already met each other, even though Tyrique denied knowing her at first. After some conversation, Tyrique appeared to get his memory back and said he did remember meeting her in a club in London, though she had had blonde hair at the time, hence his confusion.

The one where everyone kisses:

Only 3 episodes into the series, we had two first kisses in the same episode. Mitchel and Molly shared their smooch on the rooftop, and Mitch jokes about marriage. Ella and Tyrique’s kiss surprises everyone for being very long and involved, however!

The Molly-Mitchel-Zachariah triangle:

Love Island: Mitchel reveals why he chose Molly in recoupling

Mitch and Molly’s seemingly peaceful relationship from the start becomes rocky when Molly tells Mitch to back off as she feels he’s being too territorial and that she’s not “closed off” to getting to know anyone else. Molly then directs her attention towards incoming bombshell Zach, leaving Mitch vulnerable and looking for clarification on where his relationship with Molly is going.

Jess finally finds her match:

Jess, an absolute girls girl (and my favourite in the villa, I’m not going to lie) meets a new bombshell after not connecting to her previous partner and therefore not really creating any romantic connections in the villa up until then. The new bombshell Sammy and Jess hit it off, with the whole villa cheering Jess on so that she gets the chance to meet and get to know someone new.

Girl-on-girl drama:

Jess aired her views on the Molly-Mitchel-Zachariah triangle, stating that she thought Molly had treated Mitch unfairly. In later episodes, Jess said she didn’t trust Molly as far as she could throw her and also, hilariously, that she didn’t want to “intrude on the triangle” when asked to come to join Molly, Zachariah, and new interest Charlotte at the outdoor gym for a workout.

Mitch saves Molly – but why?

At a shock recoupling, given that Zachariah had chosen to couple up with Catherine, leaving Molly vulnerable, Mitch chose to couple up with her again. Later in the episode, he said that he had “saved Molly for Zach” and claimed he did it for the sake of friendship. He then admitted to a plan he had hatched, whereby he hadn’t actually saved Molly for Zach at all and intended to get to know her himself, even when Molly had made it clear that she was interested in getting to know Zach and not him.

Is Tyrique taking Ella for granted?

Despite his reassurances that Ella was his favourite out of all the girls in the villa, Tyrique still spent an inordinate amount of time getting to know the new girls when they came in, particularly Leah as after they had gone on a date together, he stayed chatting to her and got her to spin around and show him her outfit, while Ella watched on in outrage from the kitchen.  Even after Ella had pointed out that she felt taken for granted and that Tyrique was treating her like an option, she didn’t want to sit and wait for him to make a decision, until Tyrique finally made his commitment last night and decided that Ella was the one he wanted to get to know.

With a public vote controlling the fate of the Islanders, we’ll have to wait until Sunday night to find out what happens next!