Losing winners and winning losers – just don’t go there ok?

lottoDid you know that you are four times more likely to strike it rich on the Lotto than you are on the UK’s National Lottery? What’s more, did you know that you are eleven times more likely to scoop the Lotto jackpot than you are the EuroMillions?

OK, so the Lotto jackpots may not be quite as astronomic as the Euromillions, but, hey, what’s a few tens of millions between friends? When all is said and done, there are only so many millions that a body actually needs. Once you get past that point, everything else is just being greedy.

Did you know that Ireland has one of the highest participation rates of any national lottery? Ireland clocks up a very respectable 62% of all eligible adults taking part. That makes for a very healthy prize pool. No doubt that says a great deal about the Irish mentality, but frankly, that’s what essays are for.

What’s more interesting to us is that, for all that public appetite and interest, hardly a year goes by without a big jackpot being won only for the winner to not come forward. This February there was a €3 million win that went a-begging. In October last year it was €1 million. In 2012 a total of almost €15 million in prizes went unclaimed. All this begs an important question.

Just what is it with some people??!!

How difficult can it be? What is the point in buying a ticket in the first place if you’re too lazy or too dumb to actually check your numbers? It’s really not hard. They’re on the TV, they’re in all the papers and you can check your numbers anytime online.

The Lotto reckon that between them, these winning losers (or is that losing winners?) have let something like €90 million slip through their collective fingers in unclaimed prizes in the last five years. Just what is their problem?

OK, so we’ve all seen Raising Ned, we all know that sometimes a winner may not actually be around to claim their prize. But for everyone but the dear departed, there really is no excuse. Too many people, too often are simply not doing their homework properly. And before you roll your eyes and shake your head, just ask yourself this: have you checked your numbers recently?

Remember – the next big loser could be you. Imagine how cross you’d be then!

Winning lottery prizes need to be claimed within 90 days.

Ben Warrow