Friends and follower of the musician Workmans Panic, known to his grandmother as Michael O’Boyle, were once again dismayed to find their Instagram feeds and stories cluttered with short snippets of the same 5 songs from O’Boyle’s debut EP, Another Indie Summer, this morning.

Several formerly close friends of O’Boyle came forward to tell their experiences with the social media musician. “I have to admit that I liked his songs when I first heard them, maybe I was a bit too encouraging,” one friend lamented. “But I honestly think he’s coming up with the song titles just to play recordings. I mean ‘Snowy Dandruff Flakes’, what does that even mean?”

“It’s gotten to the point where I’ve considered deleting it altogether,” said one friend, weeping over the phone. “I feel partly responsible. I mean if I hadn’t brought him to that open mic night in the student bar, all this could have been avoided. How was I supposed to know a drunken acoustic cover of Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ would lead to this?”

“I saw him playing at Battle of the Bands in Whelan’s and thought his jean jacket with ripped jeans combo was kinda cute. But I definitely have a thing for soft boys. It was when he launched into the Broadway Instagram challenge with the same songs that decided it for me. Like pick a lane,” said Sarah, recounting her short-lived conversation with O’Boyle over Tinder.

The Spanner reached out to O’Boyle for comment, but was redirected to his manager, Liz O’Boyle, and received a press release about an upcoming Zoom concert to launch Workmans Panic’s new EP, Indirectly Provisioned.

Tickets start from €10, and customers will receive a link to the concert upon confirmation of payment. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Seatbelts for Change Foundation, a charity fighting for the inclusion of all-natural, environmentally friendly seatbelts in all motor vehicles.

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