‘What does this mean?’ was the question on Melanie Murphy’s mind after her ex-boyfriend Liked her latest selfie on Facebook yesterday.

The pair ended last October, after he cheated on her with a former best friend.

“Fionn* claims that I drove him to cheating,” Melanie (19) told The Spanner.

“He says that I was too obsessive and controlling. But I just liked to spend a lot of time with him. And insisted I know all of his social media passwords. And there was one time I hit him in the balls because he liked some slag’s debs photo. But it was because I loved him, you know?”

Melanie and Fionn (also 19) met on a night out in Copper Face Jack’s, a popular Dublin nightclub.

“I asked him did he play county, he said he did, so I shifted the face off him,” recalls Melanie.

The pair dated for over a year, but during the summer, Melanie noticed a change. Fionn wouldn’t text back as fast as he used to, and she realised she was no longer his best friend on Snapchat when the yellow heart was replaced with a smiley.

Soon after, Fionn ended the relationship, after falling for Melanie’s ex-friend *Jessica.

“I told him that I hope she gives him chlamydia, the dirty tramp. Then he said he never wanted to hear from me again.”

She had thought that all hope was lost, until last night when she got the notification saying he’d liked her new profile picture. She is now considering giving him a second chance.

“I mean, yeah he’s a cheater…but he plays county!”

We spoke to Fionn, following the incident. And it appears that a reunion is not on the cards.

“What a f*cking psycho bitch. I should’ve ended it ages ago, after she went ballistic when I liked my cousin’s debs photo. I was Fraped by one of my mates. He Liked it on my behalf. Jesus.”


*Name has been changed upon request.


Jade O’Leary