Following the recent announcement of his retirement from a glittering inter-county hurling career, ten time All-Ireland winner Henry Shefflin explained that “I decided to quit while watching the Cats beat Clare with my wife on TV last Sunday”.
The promiscuous ginger revealed that after years of not being able to satisfy his wife due to having to conserve his energy for the hurling field, and with Brian Cody implementing a sex ban from the start of the league campaign until All Ireland Sunday, it all became too much for the sexually frustrated Ballyhale Shamrocks man. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and King Henry’s lessening match time over the last couple of seasons actually improved his relationship with wife Deirdre, who up until then had been Ann Summers no.1 customer, along with all the other Kilkenny WAGS.
“I was sitting at home watching us beat Clare last Sunday and myself and Deirdre ending up having the most mind blowing sex of all time on the couch. It was then I knew”.
He continued: “Brian is a fantastic manager but when I was in the height of my career, if ya so much as mentioned a hard on or getting the ride, he would threaten to drop you from the panel and bury your wife up in the Wicklow Mountains”.
The news of sex bans and abstinence within the panel was unsurprisingly not greeted with shock by Kilkenny fans. Being a county notorious for gingers, sex isn’t exactly a common occurrence in the lives of most supporters.
It is a bit like their trips to Croke Park, they might only come once a year……….