Jack Whitehall is a 6’1” ball of energy with the ability to throw himself around the stage and engage with a sold out arena as if he was one of your mates, or as the rather poncy comedian would say: chums. Whitehall had the audience in stitches the whole way through his 90 minute performance on Monday night in the SSE Arena, Belfast.

The show opened with a video of Jack Whitehall being stranded in Freddie Flintoff’s house, and his attempt to get to Belfast, with cameos from David Walliams, James Corden and his parents. Eventually, the self confessed toff arrived on stage on a white horse and began his routine, until he was distracted by a present the horse left on stage. After the mess was cleaned up, Jack sprang right back into action with perfectly timed jokes from cheering on the fact there was a Greggs in Belfast, to lamenting that there wasn’t a Pret and making jokes about being a man child. From the rehashed bashing of Robert Pattinson he’s known for to a quick Donald Trump joke, the night went swimmingly.

Although he is now the voice of Asda and his star is rising in the UK and Ireland, Jack Whitehall still hasn’t been able to break America. “It’s still intact” he quipped as he feigned embarrassment over failed auditions, his cringe worthy American manager and his part being cut from Frozen.

Jack Whitehall, private school ponce turned comedy gold.

There were a few off colour jokes, including dick pic scares, having a threesome with a teacher and cleaning out his grandmother’s house, which were met with the same laughter as his jokes about being a posh public school boy.

In true Jack Whitehall form, he ended the show in costume, like his last show ‘Gets Around’ where he appeared as Mufasa from the Lion King, this time he channels Frozen. Even though he promised he had matured from his last show, the childish laughter he emitted as he told his jokes, fumbled over his words and made a fool of himself, proved otherwise.

Although he hasn’t been able to break America, Jack Whitehall has taken this side of the pond by storm. His stand up routine left me with a sore stomach from laughing and his acting credentials in Bad Education and the sometimes too relatable Fresh Meat, show the true talent behind this public school ponce. The brand of middle-class comedy, made famous by Michael McIntyre, has found a whole new audience through Jack Whitehall and his enduring charm and wit.

Bronwyn O’Neill