Is ISIS Using Global Warming Vaccines to Turn Kids Gay?

gay injection syringeJust when you thought ISIS couldn’t get any worse, it seems that they have been committing acts of covert warfare that will make you sick to your stomach.

It’s no secret that vaccines have hidden agents in them that governments use to brainwash the masses, but now it seems that terrorists are getting in on the action as well.

A source close to the group, who has asked to remain anonymous, has revealed that ISIS may be distributing tainted vaccines that contain tiny homosexual agents that infiltrate the body and cause normal people to turn gay.

The vaccines in question are allegedly to protect against the effects of “global warming”, a moneymaking conspiracy that was developed by the US government after the 2008 financial collapse. Obama has used his Muslim ties to facilitate the indoctrination of innocent Christians to the homosexual lifestyle in a move that has seen the number of gay people worldwide grow 65 billion percent in just 7 years.

A typical homosexual aims a gun, possibly at the Pope.

The scheme is part of a long-term plan to reduce the number of Westerners by ensuring that we don’t have children, or adopt from places like Vietnam, which is secretly Muslim. This will give ISIS sufficient opportunity to beset the globe with their own agents, eventually leading to total world domination by Christmas (or “passover”, the Muslim rip-off of Christmas).

Government officials have continually refused to even address the issue, leading many to speculate that they have not only been promised high-ranking positions in the New World Order, but have also been paid off. Estimates of the bribes vary from several trillion Euro to as high as infinity.

Reliable sources from our friends over at have revealed that the serum may have its roots in the Nazis, who had originally intended to use it to create an army of fierce interior decorators to ensure that East Germany was the most fabulous of all Germanies. The also informed us of unconfirmed reports that the Ku Klux Klan may be infecting gluten, GMOs & all non-paleo foods with a similar formula.