The Absolute Best Ever Irish News Fails

’tis the season to be jolly, pretty much, and as has quickly become an annual tradition, people all over Ireland are sharing what is generally accepted to be one of the best fail-clips on the internet.

Yes, the infamous “guy who slips on the ice”. Very few fails have continued to receive so much love year on year, but this one has fast become a festive-favourite. As great as it is, it is far from the only Irish news fail worth watching. Here are a list of just some of our favourite Irish News Fails (that we could still find online).

A new kind of typo

It’s like watching a kid in a film “play” the guitar.

Just check your phone, Brian

This one still makes me cringe. Brian Cowen has no m8s.

Put on a brave face

I said blend, Aengus, blend! You know you have understated cheekbones!

OMG, they burnt Kenny!

Enda’s attempted handshake & cover was witnessed by millions of people worldwide.

Now for some actual News

How about you get an actual face, Sharon?!

Anyone need a ride?

It’s good to know that gay people will now be able to reap the wonderful benefits of marriage.

A story that’s a load of bull

Okay, so it’s not exactly a news fail, but you wouldn’t show this to anyone unless you wanted to perpetuate the idea that we’re a country of farmers dealing with farmer problems.

Frostbit Boy

Not quite an oldie, but definitely a goldie

Unlucky Leprechaun

Once again, those dastardly Australians let their masks slip to reveal their true nature. Some viewers may find this video a bit dark. Okay, so it’s not as Irish as the other Irish news fails, but it was an Irish guy & a leprechaun joke that made her crack up (her own joke, mind you).

Most Unparliamentary

When all is said and done, nothing really beats a classic “Fuck you”.

Simon Griffin



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