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The arrival of Storm Ali means that winter is well and truly coming. Not everyone can afford fancy student accommodation with luxuries like central heating. If you’re renting a less than desirable room somewhere. Here are some tips to keep that heat in.

 Insulate Your Windows

A common issue with student houses is that the windows are as old as time. This means they are not properly insulated, resulting in arctic draughts getting in during winter. You can fix this cheaply enough with rubber weather sealing strips from a hardware shop. If that’s too costly you can also go down the masking tape route, and seal the gaps that way.

Layer Up 

Your single duvet won’t cut it in a cold gaff, so layer up. You can get decent heavyweight duvets in Penneys cheap. They also sell the best wooly socks, blankets, and hot water bottles for those Baltic nights.

 Fight the Mold 

When a house is cold and not insulated properly; this causes mold. This is a common occurrence in older houses in Ireland. Mold not only looks gross but can also make you seriously ill. If you see it in your room contact your Landlord straight away. If they simply tell you to open a window, then you can always report them to the tenant’s board. If you want to take the matter into your own hands you can always try to scrub it away, and paint over it. However, it will probably come back, and it is the landlord’s duty to keep the house safe for its tenants.

 Treat Yourself to an Electric Blanket 

An electric blanket is a godsend in winter. You can get them from fifteen-euro up, and they can change your bed from igloo to toasty cinnamon bun. They are cost effective on electricity as long as you remember to turn it off, and don’t pass out with it on.

Take Those Vitamins 

There’s nothing worse than being sick in a freezing house. So, preventing the flu is in your best interest. There are lots of multivitamins and vitamin C capsules available in Aldi, and Lidl. Get in the habit of taking them now. So, you can fight off any cold and flu when the weather gets a whole lot worse.

By Chloe Christie