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We tend to forget the meaning of college. It’s not going to Coppers religiously, waking up the next day missing your 9am and having Koka noodles for breakfast. As much as we would love to take it easy, you are in college to learn too. Now I’m not saying you should just become a hermit, find that balance. Here are a few tips to help getting on top of things a little easier.

Get A Referencing Software

You will save so much time with this. Doing a bibliography from scratch is very time-consuming. EndNote is a reference management software which allows you to store and manage your research. It will help you build you bibliography from scratch, how amazing is that?

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Manage Your Storage

It’s best to not rely on your laptop for all your files from the past few years. Try investing in external hard drives and portable storage to keep those important assignments safe. Western Digital has a variety of product to choose from which will guarantee that all those documents are safely backed-up.

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Get Editing Help

Writing a dissertation this year? You will have to make sure that it makes sense and has perfect spelling and grammar. If you want professional help, WordsRu is an online, professional academic editing and proof reading service. The editors comply with various college citation requirements. This is worth it if you have a very important assignment or dissertation. Their editing work is deadline guaranteed.

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Take Notes From Important Texts

It’s important to get quotes from different sources. Scanmaker is a handy little device that will make taking notes a lot quicker. Use the pen to slide across a line of text and it will appear instantly on your computer, smartphone or tablet. This will save you a lot of time trying to write or type out important bits. It’s also a life-saver if you struggle with condensing long texts. The Scanmaker can also translate in over 40 different languages, perfect if you are studying a language.

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Get A Reliable Laptop

Your laptop is the most important thing you need for college. It’s not just for binge-watching your favourite Netflix series on nights in. Investing in a good one that will do you for your entire college years is recommended. Microsoft have a range of tablets and laptops to choose from.

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Stock Up On Stationary

It is a fact that you will go through a lot of pens in college. Any handout that you receive should be stored in a fold, because you’ll never know when you’ll need it!  Notebooks are essential to have as you will be referring to them by the time exams comes around. Keep your notes in your very own personalised notebook, My Own Stationary allows you to design you very own note pads and notebooks.

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By Aoife Crilly