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In 2018, not everyone can afford the extortionate rents surrounding the universities and colleges in Dublin and other major cities. You may be forced to make a dreaded hour or two-hour commute to their new student life. Even if you’re family home is in the same city as your college you’re probably looking at some sort of commute. However, this is not as bad as it may seem at first and can actually be beneficial in the long run.

Get that Reading Done 

A long commute is perfect for catching up on last-minute reading assignments. No matter what course you’re taking there’s going to be recommended books, articles etc. assigned that you will have no intention of doing unless you reach that desperate level of boredom on the long commute to college. What a perfect way to study and to avoid the person sitting next to you.


Podcasts can pass hours of time on a commute, be it true crime, comedy, Scientology whatever you’re into there’s a podcast for it. As a previous commuter podcasts have kept me entertained and informed for hours on end.

Line Up That Playlist

Maybe podcasts aren’t your thing a long commute can be the ideal time to explore that Spotify recommended playlist or check out your time capsule which compiles a list of your favorite tunes from the year plus adds in bangers from when you were growing up.

Cycle Off the Cans 

Your first year of college tends to contain a lot of heavy nights of cheap cans of Lidl or Aldi’s finest.  What better way to beat that dad bod than to cycle your commute rather than an hour on your ass in traffic. It’s cheaper than a gym membership just remember to keep your bike as well as yourself lit at night on the cycle home.

Bus Buddies 

Commuting doesn’t have to always have to be for alone time as the rents continuously go up it’s a lot more common. Why not find your fellow commuters and travel together? Maybe if your coming from a different county get involved in a carpool that way you can save on bus tickets and meet new people.

By Chloe Christie