It’s official lads, we are in the thick of cuffing season.

What the hell is that? We hear you ask. Well, urban dictionary defines cuffing season as “the moment when people who would normally rather be single find themselves, along with the rest of the world, desiring to be tied down by a serious relationship.

Now for ya! So that’s why you’ve been swiping so furiously through Tinder and texting all of your ex’es.

But don’t  beat yourself up for being so desperate, hun. The good news for us Irish is, that we can blame the weather for it.

Sure it only makes sense. The cold weather comes along. The evenings start to drag out. We find ourselves sitting indoors a lot more, watching Netflix, alone, very alone … feeling lonely!

It’s fairly harmless, we know, but we just had to tell you about it!

So here’s a little more info:

Cuffing season lasts roughly from November to March.

There’s a bit of science to it too! In our anthropological past, there was less food and resources available, and hunter-gatherers’ survival happened better if you were in a pack, or if you were coupled up. Especially during the colder months! Back in the day, having a bae increased survival of any offspring that came out of it.

Basically, it’s in our DNA to be desperate right now. So you do you, and find your Winter boo.