Saved By The Bell celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this week and to mark the occasion we take a quick look back at some of the things we loved and hated about the show…


Saved By The Bell - Cell Phone

Zack Morris and his massive phone was a legend. We may laugh at the size of the phone nowadays, but back then that’s actually what they looked like and having one was a big deal. Zack also had the ability to call a time-out and freeze time whenever he fancied it.


Saved By The Bell - Jessie's Breakdown

That one episode where Jessie got hooked on caffeine pills was unintentionally hilarious. Meant to be a serious episode, to teach kids that drugs are bad, Jessie’s breakdown in Zack’s arms was so over the top that the intended message was lost in translation, but certainly a great episode.


Saved By The Bell - AC Slatering

Slater had an inability to sit correctly on a chair, which led to the term AC Slatering which refers to sitting backwards on a toilet facing the back wall, while taking a shit… Brilliant!


Saved By The Bell - Stalker

One thing that always bugged us about Saved By The Bell, was that Lisa was forced to put up with Screech openly stalking her for four years and no one else doing a single thing to prevent this happening. Poor Lisa…


Saved By The Bell - Kelly Kapowski

‘Nuff Said


Saved By The Bell - Friends Forever

The episode where they were all in a band and sung the song Friends Forever was clearly the greatest episode of any series in the history of TV shows… Listen to the classic song here


Saved By The Bell - Tori Episode

The absolute worst thing that ever happened on this show was when Kelly & Jessie (characters we actually liked) disappeared from the show mysteriously and were replaced by Tori (who we didn’t particularly care for) for about a dozen episodes… Thankfully, Kelly & Jessie eventually returned and Tori was never mentioned again.


Saved By The Bell - Belding

We’re disappointed that Dennis Haskins who played Mr. Belding pretty much faded into obscurity after his Saved By The Bell career. He can now generally be found propping up bars doing shots with young women.


Saved By The Bell - No Hope With Dope

Jessie’s caffeine addiction was not the only time Saved By The Bell tackled drugs and had another go later on in the series, this time with “weed” being the premise of the episode. The episode ended with a memorable public sevice announcement of the entire cast and the head of NBC reaching out to the viewers and letting them know that “there’s no hope with dope.”

Saved By The Bell - Screech

The darkest fallout from the show’s legacy is when the world found out that Dustin Diamond is a complete creep! After starring as himself in a porno, then released a tell-tale book condemning all his former co-stars as bullies, shattering any illusion that they were all as friendly behind the scenes as they appeared in the show. Which unfortunately means that they definitely won’t be Friends Forever…