Diarreha, bad decisions, and soggy chips, are just some of the things that are synonymous with Ireland’s takeaway chain Supermacs. Scottish chef and television personality, Gordon Ramsay, plans to change this as his programme ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ will be filming in Galway’s Supermacs located in the city centre after the New Year.

Ramsay who has built a career by saving restaurants which appear to be doomed, by offering owners’ guidance from his years of experience, has his work cut out for him when he goes to tackle the breakfast roll capital of Ireland in January. Speaking at a press conference to promote his new season of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, Ramsay told reporters that,

“I wanted to really challenge myself for this new season and what better place to start than the most repugnant food chain in the European Union. Their burgers smell like Ann Robinson’s fanny and their chips look like they have been scraped from the scrotal sack of a kangaroo. The only thing more revolting than their food is the fact that people are willing to fork over money for the displeasure of choking it down. A glass of piss sounds more appetising than their Chicken Snack Boxes.”

Asked whether he thinks that this will be a successful episode of the show, Ramsay replied with, “Supermacs is the Wayne Rooney of food. If he can marry a model, then I can get people to munch down on the excrement that Supermac’s calls Taco Fries. It will not be an easy road but it will be fun when I shout in the staff’s faces and chuck all that nasty shit food into a dumpster.”

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ will appear on Channel 4 sometime in the late-spring next year.