The brainchild of Belfast-raised duo, Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar, Bicep is the electronic sound you need in your life. The duo were inspired by disco, house, techno and everything analogue in-between. Their music based blog,, has amassed a huge following, featuring guest DJs like Matt Cutler, Holly Lester and more. In their mix series, DJs join them and create mixes, they talk about the inspiration behind the mix and what they’re up to. It’s a platform for up and coming DJs to get their mixes out there, these aren’t exactly club songs but these are some pretty good mixes. You can follow along on iTunes and listen to the series, as always I will link everything you need to know down below. So why am I talking about Bicep this week? The duo are set to perform in Galway on March 9th in Electric, if you haven’t heard of the club then prepare yourself, this place is the home of the best electronic music in Galway. With three floors; The Glass House, Electric and the Factory, to choose from there’s something for everyone. Check out the glasshouse for pre-show cocktails, listen to the best tunes on the dance-floor in Electric and check out up-and-coming acts in the factory, Electric’s very own stage for new music experiences with the best sound-system, with only room for 150 this exclusive part of the club is a must for music enthusiasts. Their ethos is one that yours truly supports, ‘Thinkers and drinkers, dancers and chancers – all under one roof raving’. So if you’re looking for the next best gig in Galway then look no further, Electric and Bicep have you covered.

Here are my top picks from Bicep check them out:


2. Celeste-

3. Poly Pineapple-


5. Vision of Love-

Also make sure you check out the event’s page over on Facebook, I’ll link it below. 1174489232658536/?ti=icl

And while you’re there give the venue’s page a like while you’re at it, also tickets will be available on the door on the night if you don’t manage to get them before the gig.

For future nights out and gigs make sure you’re using the Uniphi nights app, to get guestlist, cheaper tickets, and win some free prizes as well.

Link below:

I’ll be there reviewing the gig on the night, and hopefully I’ll be seeing a few of our readers there too. Get ready to flex with Bicep, March 9th In Electric garden and Theatre, Abbeygate St, Galway.

Aileen O’Leary