You name it, O’Reilly’s, Tramline, Dicey’s, chances are one of your friends has mentioned their favourite bar to drink in for cheap. Student nights run rampant in Dublin, somewhere always offering something for cheap, if you know where to look. 

Some of the best places for student nights are relatively well known, and for good reason.

1. O’Reilly’s on Poolbeg Street – O’Reilly’s is known for its many events such as ‘Cheap Ass Mondays’ and ‘Bungalo Saturdays’, that offer 1/2/3 euro drinks and free entry when using an app like Vipsy. It’s conveniently located on the Dart and is only a few streets over from the 24-hour buses and Nitelinks.

2. Dicey’s on Harcourt Street – Dicey’s, known for its three floors and endless music options, it is dirt cheap. Similar to O’Reilly’s, but their events and cheap drinks are a bit more frequent. My recommendation though is to get there early. The queue can sometimes stretch around the corner to the point where you’ll be standing out there longer than you’ll be in Dicey’s.

3. Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay – Workman’s is a great little spot to never remember. The pints are dirt cheap, they have mixed drinks for a decent price and the music is decent. They tend to have live music a lot of the week and has great energy.

4. dTwo on Harcourt Street – If you’ve noticed, there are a lot of clubs on bars on Harcourt Street that accommodate students on specific nights of the week. dTwo is more of a club but offers deals on Wednesdays for students to go and enjoy a good atmosphere.

And now that you’ve figured out where you’re going, you can think about how much you want to spend. And for the nights you’re on a budget, here’s the best way to have a good night and be able to afford the €7 chicken fillet roll the next morning. 

1. Leave your card at home – take out a set amount of cash each night. Whatever you can afford to spend and leave your debit card at your house. Tuck whatever amount you may need for a taxi or a bus in a place you won’t forget (usually the tiny pockets in jeans work great for this). You prevent yourself from tapping all of your money away and remain within budget. 

2. Wear something comfortable – often enough, when you’re comfortable, you can relax and enjoy yourself more. But ultimately, it saves you money in the long run. If wearing something comfy, you’re more likely to be willing to walk home, or get a bus or NiteLink, rather than splashing out on expensive taxi fares. 

3. Go with a good group of friends – it is possible to have fun on a budget, especially if you have the right people around you. Bring people who won’t pressure you to drink, or even ask you to buy their drink, and people that you can tell “Hey, I’m on a budget tonight” and they won’t push you further. Just tell them you want a chicken fillet roll in the morning. They’ll understand. 

But most of all, enjoy your time out. Student bars are fun because you meet other students and are there for the same reasons. The venues play good, danceable music and the drink is cheap. What more could you want?