Hey boys, so you wanna make your woman purr? Well I got the saucy secrets on how to satisfy the needs and desires of your woman! We’ve got the tips on how to pull off every last move and trick to get her hot and ready.

1) Realise that feminism is a political movement towards gender equality and not dominance.

2) Don’t ever use the term ‘Mansplain’ ironically while mansplaining in an attempt to undermine your mansplanation. Just because you know what it means doesn’t mean you’re not doing it.

3) Don’t open doors for women. It condescendingly implies the ‘pull/push’ system is a patriarchal code beyond their understanding.

4) Acknowledge that feminism is not a digestible commodity whose main function is to decorate t-shirts with post-ironic slogans like ‘GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN-damental rights’.

5) Be aware that just because you sat through 130mins of Thelma and Louise, doesn’t mean you can relate thousands of years of patriarchal oppression.

Brianna Quinn