And so it has happened – I have finally succumbed to Covid. As I sit here in bed with Lemsip in hand and hot water bottle on feet, I haven’t come unprepared. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks is a fantastic way to pass the time if you’re not feeling up to much.

You Must Remember This

Are you an Old Hollywood buff? Interested in the secret dramas and scandals behind some of the most famous films ever made? Then You Must Remember This is perfect for you. Host Karina Longworth navigates through conflicting reports and mythology to sort out what really happened behind the stars of the 20th century. From Marilyn Monroe to Rudolph Valentino to blacksploitation cinema, Karina covers it all in her exploration of the secret and forgotten histories of early Hollywood.

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Aiming to fight the stereotype that art history is boring, ArtCurious focuses on some of the weird, funny, mysterious, enthralling and liberating tales that have surfaced throughout history. Did Van Gogh actually kill himself? Was Jack the Ripper actually a famous painter? With some of the episodes only 20 minutes long, this is the perfect podcast to listen to when you’re on the go or to binge when you’re stuck in quarantine like me.

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Book Cheat

Why read a book when you could listen to it being summarised by a comedian? Each week host Dave Warneke tells two special guests all about a classic novel or play that he has read, and by the end of the show, you’ll know enough to say that you’re read it. Dave takes us on an informative, funny journey through some of literature’s most famous works, and makes me wish I had discovered this podcast before finishing my English degree…

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Do Go On

Three Australian comedians-Jess Perkins, Matt Stewart and Dave Warneke (of Book Cheat fame) – discuss a fact-based topic of the week, taking it in turns to bring a subject to the table. Two of my favourites include Lit for Clit, the sometimes-hilarious-often-unbelievable history of the many male scientists who claimed to have discovered the clitoris, and World’s Silliest Duels. The interactions between the three had me trying not to laugh out loud in public and are guaranteed to make any topic interesting.

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The third volume in Stephen Fry’s series, including Mythos and Heroes, Troy is a retelling of the siege and destruction of the famous city. Fry navigates complex names and lineages with ease, and his narration makes an interesting topic even more gripping. This one is easy to lose an afternoon to.

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