Best Dressed:

Karlie Kloss is one of the most stylish off-duty models- she sports amazing clothes not only on the runway, but on the streets also. Here, she radiates winter inspiration by pairing ripped black denim with knee-high boots, a leather backpack and a knitted turtleneck. A red checked bomber completes her look and makes a statement.

Best Lotions For The Winter:

Winter for most of us means dry skin, or even drier than usual. If you don’t use lotion after your shower, start now. Or if you already moisturise, here are some tips to keep your skin in is best condition during the colder months.

  • Coconut oil: a godsend. It works wonders even on eczema prone skin, banishing all dry patches and relieving itchy and tight skin. I slather this on generously after each shower as I have very dry skin- and no lotion has ever worked as good for me as a little bit of coconut oil.
  • Shea butter: another highly praised gem. Look for rich body butters with shea butter as the main ingredient. This is very heavy and takes a while to sink in, so the best time to use it is before bed, then wrap up in a robe and let it absorb into the skin.
  • Silcock’s Base: this is an aqueous cream and is a moisturiser of choice for babies with dry skin. However, it works wonders for adults also and is a very heavy cream, sold in large tubs and can also be used to wash the skin. Lather this on generously and layer with other lotions if you like- it restores the skin’s hydrating layer and is a great product to always keep at home

Fashion Archive: 1960s Christmas:

Christmas in the 1960s was the ultimate glamour affair. Over the years, the glamour element of fashion has transitioned and shifted into clothes that are comfortable, shoes that don’t hurt and jewellery that is affordable. Waist cinchers have made a comeback in the recent years thanks to the Kardashians, but they were an everyday part of lingerie in the 60s, with a slim waist being very much in vogue. Skirts were longer and petticoat after petticoat were stitched in underneath, with a closed neckline and good quality textiles. Hair was curled in tight ringlets and makeup consisted of pronounced lashes and red lipstick. It’s amazing to see how fashion has evolved, but it’s also interesting to note that especially 60s fashion had a massive impact in the clothes we wear today.

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