Best Dressed:
Taylor Swift may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she can surely dress well. I like this look because it’s accessible to everyone and can easily be replicated. For the colder season, do like Swifty and pair black heeled boots with your trusty black skinnies, black handbag (it doesn’t have to be Prada) and a brightly coloured knitted jumper. Knitwear is always a good choice for the colder season- not only does it keep you warm, but keeps you looking stylish too.

SoSu Announces A Highlighter Kit:

If I love one thing in life, it’s highlighters. Never has a makeup trend been as pretty and ridiculously easy to pull off and apply as highlighting- you just take pretty sparkling powders, dust them on your cheekbones, brow bones and inner corners of the eye and you’re good to go. Contour doesn’t last, slides off the face, goes wrong or looks too muddy, but highlighters never fail. That’s why when one of Ireland’s best loved bloggers Suzanne Jackson announced her Highlighter Kit, I was intrigued. As the kit hasn’t released yet, we only have the images to play with for now. Right off the bat, I’m much more impressed with her highlighter kit than her contour kit, which I found wouldn’t suit all skin types. This however, carries not only a very fair shade but also a deep golden brown colour to cater to people of colour, an excellent decision. The palette carries six shades- a golden brown, a very light baby pink and a darker pink, a light sunkissed yellow, a rose gold and a light bright orange shade. Three shades are baked and three are pressed, accommodating all highlighter lovers- I’m intrigued to see how this palette will look in action and if it’ll be worth the money when it finally launches.

Fashion Throwback:

Believe it or not, women didn’t always wear shorts that resembled knickers like they do today. Women typically were restricted to wearing long skirts, even in the early 20th century. When these two beautiful ladies hit the streets in 1937, it was among the first times that a woman had been photographed wearing such short shorts in public. Their brave move attracted a lot of attention from men and allegedly even caused a car accident.

Gabija Gataveckaite