Breaking Bad is a once in a generation television show. Vince Gilligan’s creation is a masterpiece and should always be regarded as one of the greatest television shows ever made.

Bryan Cranstons portrayal of Walter White is iconic and he brilliantly transitions from straight edge, law abiding science teacher to criminal mastermind and drug dealer. Aaron Paul is superb as his junkie sidekick Jesse Pinkman.

One would be forgiven for being dubious when reports of a Breaking Bad film emerged but to our absolute delight and excitement it is true and we now have a trailer.:

Charles Baker, who played Skinny Pete in the TV show is set to star in the yet untitled movie along with Aaron Paul.

We know pretty much nothing about the plot or anything else other than the fact that the police are looking for Jesse and Pete is giving them nothing. However, with Vince Gilligan at the heart of it, we know it’s going to be epic.