We here at Oxygen like to mingle with the stars. When you’re embroiled neck, sometimes nose-deep, in the world of show-business such as we are it becomes almost second nature to find yourself chin-wagging with celebrities, or ‘celebs’ as those of us in the business, or ‘biz’, call them. Whether it’s spending an afternoon watching Marty Whelan eat a bag of heavily-discounted poppadoms in a park, or hiring a private detective to find the exact pilates class that Teresa Mannion attends so you can join the same one, rubbing shoulders with the stars sure is a glamorous life.

So it’s only natural that we’re hauling in the kind of calibre of celebrity (celeb) for an interview that Robert Geldof or ‘Bob Geldof’ falls into, ie. B-list. We are thrilled to have been able to get such an in-depth exclusive interview with the man who actually invented charity, and more importantly has essentially single-handedly dragged the ‘bed-head’ look into the mainstream. Give it a listen.