By Laura Molloy

The European elections will take place in Ireland in June 2024. Irish and other EU citizens resident in Ireland and aged 18 or over can vote provided they register 15 days before polling day.

Voters in Ireland will elect 14 Members of the European Parliament in 2024, one more than in the 2019 elections.

Ireland uses a form of proportional representation called the single transferable vote (PRSTV). This means that voters rank the candidates, as many or as few as they wish, in order of choice. Candidates are numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on. To be elected, a candidate needs to receive a minimum number of votes, known as the quota.

The quota is the minimum number of votes necessary to guarantee the election of a candidate. It is ascertained by dividing the total number of valid ballot papers by one more than the number of seats to be filled and adding one to the result. If the votes obtained by any candidate surpass the quota, they are immediately elected. All surplus votes obtained by an elected candidate (the difference between their vote and the quota) are then transferred to other candidates according to the preferences expressed by voters.

Votes are recounted and other candidates who clear the quota are also elected. Candidates with the fewest votes are eliminated with their votes transferred to the voters’ second preference. The transfer of votes and elimination of candidates continues until all seats are filled.

The period for the nomination of candidates starts about 6 weeks before polling day and lasts 1 or 2 weeks depending on the nationality of the candidate. A one week period for nomination of candidates who are nationals of Member States other than Ireland closes about 5 weeks before polling day. A two week period for nomination of candidates who are Irish citizens closes about 4 weeks before polling day.

You are eligible to vote in the European elections in Ireland if you are:

  1. 18 years or older on election day;
  2. registered to vote;
  3. an Irish or an EU citizen who is ordinarily resident in Ireland.

Irish citizens residing in other EU Countries can vote in their country of residence.

Make sure you have registered to vote before the election.

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