By Amy Jones

Moving into a new uni room is one thing, but creating a space that you love is another. Let’s be honest, most uni rooms are not exactly 5-star accommodations, but they do have the potential to be elevated into a space that is not only comforting but also aesthetic. If you are yet to move into your uni accommodation and you have been scrolling through Pinterest endlessly to find the perfect decor tips, save the trouble. In this blog, we will lay out the basics of what you should have included in your uni room to truly make it yours. 

The whole moving away from home thing can be uncomfortable for some, and that is okay! Upon moving into your room at uni, you might even feel terrified. The key to feeling comfortable, and settling into this new space is to make the whole room unapologetically you. 

Here are just a few tips to get you started when decorating your room:

Decor On a Budget 

Let’s get one thing straight, to create a space you love you do not have to go and burn a hole in your pocket, or your parent’s pockets should you be so lucky. Uni decor can be extremely cost-effective, but that does not mean to say you should find the cheapest items possible. As standard, most uni dorms will provide you with items such as a bed, desk, and wardrobe space. There are great places to get cost-effective decor pieces, but you shouldn’t go cheap on the items that you will need for the long term such as reading lamps and comfy chairs to complete your work in. Also, you will be surprised at the steals you can find at vintage and charity shops. One man’s trash is another student’s treasure to create their dream uni room!

Reflect Your Personality 

If you have been scrolling endlessly through Pinterest and have not found interest in any of the aesthetics you are seeing, that’s okay! You shouldn’t resonate with another person’s space, instead, you should be taking pieces of each room you love, and making them into your creation. If you are someone who lives to go to gigs and watch live music, consider creating a mood board billed with past band tickets, as well as photos of you and your friends at the events. Love doing your makeup? Invest in a good vanity mirror on the wall to do your makeup effortlessly, even on hangover days when you are worse for wear.

Create Space When Possible 

Unless your parents are paying for a bespoke apartment or you live in it during your uni experience (what a dream), you will likely be dealing with minimal space. The lack of space will hopefully be compensated by a large communal area ( which you will need to keep the peace in), however, you still need to make things work. When storage is minimal, you are at risk of living in a whole mess! Invest in some quality storage boxes and place them in areas that do not clutter the space, such as under your bed and desk. It would be wise to also attach a hanger or even a detachable shelf to your door. This is an easy yet neglected hack for creating space whenever possible.

Essential Decor Additions

Now for some decor inspiration, we have brought together some staples that all uni rooms should have. You can tailor them to your unique style and vibe, but if you are stuck for ideas there are good basics that you can add to further down the line:

LED Features 

Call them tacky if you like, but LED lighting in uni rooms is essential. They are perfect for creating a comforting and inviting atmosphere, and they also just look cool! When you are dealing with a dull, grey room that likely has no personality, the simple addition of LED lighting can elevate the mood. You can usually tailor the colour to your choosing, so whether purple is your go-to colour or you need some white lighting to help you through your assignments, they have what you would be looking for. You can get LED strips for a reasonable price, but just be cautious that the strips do not remove any paint from the walls. You can also get LED lamps that are just as effective and avoid paying any maintenance fees!

Featured Rugs 

If your uni accommodation is old and tired, the flooring likely looks the same. Stains from messy students from years prior are likely seeped into the carpets and this is not a cute look. Instead, invest in a soft rug that sits next to the bed and matches the colorways of your duvets. Go for a colour that is easy to remove stains from too!

Cosy Covers 

When you are trying to settle into a new space, things will feel uncomfortable. It is best to invest in some comforting bedding and pillows to at least give you a good night’s sleep. It also won’t hurt to get duvet colours that match your aesthetic, so if you are chilled you might go for a textured forest green shade. If you are a ‘soft life’ babe, consider beige and neutral tones. Spend as much money as you deem necessary on these items, but you can find really good cheap duvets on platforms like Shein, or you might splash out on luxury cushion covers to elevate the space.

Final Thoughts 

The best thing about your uni room is that it is yours, and no one should have an influence over how you choose to design it. Avoid conforming to what all of your roommates are doing, and keep it unique. People admire people who are true to themselves, so don’t worry about what your potential new friends will think of your decor. Enjoy the experience, and make your uni room true to you!