More and more people are looking to switch to cosmetics and products that don’t test on animals, but it often means saying goodbye to old favourites in our beauty regime. It can be hard to find high quality products that you love when making the switch as unfortunately most mainstream brands either test on animals or are too ambiguous about whether they do or not to be sure, but fortunately more and more companies are making their products without testing on animals so we can have gorgeous skin, without the guilt.

1) Mask of Magnaminty– Lush:
This face mask is made from natural ingredients, and leaves your face feeling smooth and minty-fresh, due to the peppermint extract. Use it to prevent breakouts and keep your skin in beautiful condition.

2) Face off- North American Hemp Co:
No you’re not washing your face with weed here. The cleanser can be for everyday use to wash off excess make-up and dirt at the end of the day, leaving your skin soft and clean.

3) Matte Gel Moisturiser– Primal Earth:
We all loath oily skin, but primal earth seeks to banish the dreaded shiny forehead look without drying out your skin. It’s suited to oily and combination skin, and wont irritate sensitive skin either.

4) Tightening Green Tea & Coffee Seed Body Crème- Naturabody:
The moisturiser leaves your skin soft and firm with nourishing green tea extract, hydrating shea butter, and coffee seed to invigorate dull skin. It’s suited to all skin types so you don’t have to leave your skin suffer when trying to go cruelty-free.

5) Anti-Aging Night Cream– Organic Ocean:
They say it all goes downhill after 20 so for those of us who are adamant about ageing gracefully and preventing premature wrinkles, this product is perfect. Apply at night and wake up to beautifully soft and youthful skin.

6) Tan Organic:
Going cruelty free doesn’t mean you have to return to the Irish milk-bottle white tan, or lack-of-tan. Tan Organic’s tanning oil is easy to apply and doesn’t have the awful fake tan smell we all know and hate.

7) Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist – The Body Shop:
On the off-chance we get a few days of summer, the Body Shop has you covered when it comes to wanting gorgeous bronze legs as opposed to the usual quasi-luminous look they usually have. It provides a natural tan to get rid of what your mother would call “the white look on you”, and washes off easily so you don’t have to worry about awkward streaks and patches.

Aisling O’Connor