Do you get these German Jokes?

As you no doubt are aware, Facebook has a feature that enables users to see “memories” of what you were up to on this day every year you’ve had Facebook.

Most of the time, this just makes us cringe at our former selves. The odd time, we may be lucky enough to find an embarrassing post from somebody else, but that’s about as good as it gets.

However, the function has unearthed a mystery joke, or jokes, that not even the greatest users of Google Translate have been able to decipher.

Google translate did suggest that the German joke may in fact be German jokes, as the second paragraph seems totally unrelated to the first. However, anthropologists believe it is possible that it is just one hilarious German joke.

If you or anyone you know can help decipher this joke, and more importantly, determine whether or not it is funny, please let us know.

german jokes

German Jokes Text:

Der Richter zum Angeklagten: “Sie sind beschuldigt, Ihren Nachbarn unter Schimpfworten in den Wald getrieben und dort ganz fürchterlich verprügelt zu haben. Sind Sie da nicht ein bisschen zu weit gegangen, Angeklagter?”
Antwort: “Ja, das stimmt, Herr Richter! Ich hätte es schon vorher auf der Wiese tun sollen!”

“Hey Philipp, wie war denn der Urlaub?” “Gräßlich! Im Hotel hatte ich Zimmernummer hundert. Und vom Türschild ist die Eins abgefallen!”



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