McDonalds catapulted the McMasses from their late McMorning snooze today to pawn off some of their disgusting shit for free.

An ingenius McMarketing strategy saw them able to hand off their spare dirt that would otherwise have festered in their McKitchen and gathered McFlies, with a hungry public only too happy to act as a corporate rubbish bin.

Black Friday Rampage

‘There’s no catch whatsoever’ said the McDonalds spokeman, McIavelli. “We love our consumer base, so we wanted to reward them with a nice breakfast to get them ready for the day.”

The offer was a roaring McSess in just about every McStablishment across the country, with McDonalds decaying image now fully restored. Where once they were viewed as a despicable symbol of capitalist greed by stuffing mouths with toxic processed garbage for McPremium prices, they are now happy to do so free of charge.

‘I can’t speak highly enough of Maccy D’s right now’ commented one gluttonous gobshite. “I went into just get one for the day and I ended up scoffing 8. They made me pay for 7 of them but fuck it I don’t care. Delish.”

Chris Pratt sick