David Drumm has has his request to give evidence to the banking inquiry via Snapchat denied.

The former Anglo-Irish Bank Chief Executive remains on an extended vacation in the United States because he is wanted for questioning by the Gardaí.

Drumm politely declined the invitation to give evidence in purpose, stating “I think I have plans that day. I can’t remember exactly what, but the day rings a bell, so I’d better say no”.

However, Drumm did show his cooperative side by offering to provide the evidence over his favourite app: Snapchat.

The self-destructing photo app has recently gained popularity amongst a number of high-profile figures, such as Enda Kenny and even Sepp Blatter.

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However, Drumm’s modern solution to the age-old problem of not wanting to appear in court was rejected due to a number of logistic difficulties.

For starters, there is the fact that not all members of the inquiry have Snapchat accounts. Of those who do, many do not wish to add Drumm to their friends list. Others are concerned over how such a course of action would affect their data-usage, but do not wish to pay the €2 wifi fee.

It has been suggested that the inquiry may have to proceed without David Drumm, who said that he understands and doesn’t mind.