The HSE has announced that Daniel O’Donnell should be the one to deliver the first Covid vaccines to over 60s.

A HSE spokesperson said ‘Danny man, you were so sound for going to down the Donegal hospital to give all the elderly a social distance concert. If anybody should have the privilege of delivering the first of the vaccines it should be you.’

Back in May this year, O’Donnell made a trip down to Donegal to perform for the residents of Dungloe hospital. O’Donnell has spoken about how music has helped get through the COVID-19 pandemic and that he wanted to share this music with others.

Speaking to The Spanner about the news of him delivering the first vaccines he said, ‘Heh heh. Oh boy, the needle! I haven’t touched that in years would jeh g’way.’

Paul Reid, is the managing Director of Pfizer Ireland. Reid looked a little off when we asked how the Pfizer members of the board came to the decision that O’Donnell should be the first to deliver the vaccine. An elderly woman stood behind him and looked as if she had something pointing at Reid’s back. Reid jumped and finally answered ‘Ah! Ah yes, well we all love Daniel down here at Pfizer and we believe he’s… yes. Yes OK, Nan… We believe he’s the best singer in the country and has… nice eyes.

The Pfizer vaccine could be approved for use in Ireland next week.

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