“Farmer wants a wife’…farmer’s getting a wife”. Irish farmer Ashley Farrell from County Tyrone proposed to girlfriend Anna Louise Martin on Christmas Eve in the most comically Irish way. He asked Anna to follow him to the shed where she found the less than pleased cow with “Marry Me” spray-painted on its side. Although whose to say what the cow’s real intentions were. Perhaps it was really the one who had its heart set on matrimony. It could have been a new Disney movie, but unfortunately for the Disney franchise, and for the cow, it was in fact the farmer who got engaged. Devo!


U wana piece o’ this?

We hope the lovely couple will have a great future together…and we can only hope the cow has better luck next time!

GREAT NEWS though, we’re happy to say the cow is back on the market…


Keith is trashy, he is The Trash Cow.

We wish Keith well too now that he’s back on the dating scene, and hope his next proposal goes more to plan…

Tara O’Connell