We’re back again with some more cosy games, except this time, with friends! Just like last time, we’ve tried to stay away from the suggestions you’ve heard over and over again, hoping you might find a new gem to spend some time playing. I fought the temptation yet again to add Animal Crossing to the list (even though you can get coffee together now!) and I’ve put together some of my favourite games to play with a friend or two.

Overcooked 2

Now I know we’re looking for cosy games. Don’t get me wrong, Overcooked 2 is one of the most fun games I’ve played with friends, but this isn’t your ordinary chilled out cosy couch game. In Overcooked you play as a chef in a team of up to four people, getting out orders in rapid fashion. Set yourself up on stations making everything from sushi to salads, and try not to burn everything! This is one of the few cooking games I’ve found that encourages you to throw plates across the kitchen. Plus you get to meet Kevin, a royal dog who constantly challenges you with extra difficult levels. Can you and your friends get all three stars on every level?

It Takes Two

If you’ve been looking into multiplayer couch co-op games, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of It Takes Two. This was by far one of my favourite games of last year, flying through the game over Christmas break. Play as a couple in a failing marriage in a surprisingly light hearted game. Each level has unique mechanics that leave you wondering, what will they come up with next? This game is the perfect balance of puzzles and combat with a really heart warming narrative to go with it. If you’re not sold yet, there are what feels like endless mini games to find, so even once you’re done with the core plot, there’s nothing stopping you from going back and having an incredibly competitive and intense snowball fight.

Unravel Two

Relax and unwind with this truly beautiful co-op sequel to Unravel. Play as Yarny or their equally yarn-like friend while you explore a game made up of an amazing soundtrack and outstanding artwork. As you work your way through each level, teamwork being an absolute must. Unravel Two is a very forgiving game, letting you use the other player as your anchor point to hoist yourself up onto ledges if needed.

Looking to kick up the difficulty? Unravel Two has twenty different challenges you can attempt to tackle if you’re looking for that little bit more from the game.